IAMSELLF is a life enthusiast, creative writer and moderator who is making a change the digital way. Her no nonsense mentality has brought her to grow into the self-conscious, proud, black woman that she is today. She curates to inspire through reflections of her own.  Next to all her greatness, she is a youth care worker with a big heart. Make sure to follow her blog on instagram IAMSELLF.

Perry Gits is a very humble, genial and life changing theatre maker who creates the plays that the world needs by confronting us with subjects that are not publicly discussed in the mainstream, but definitely traceable on blackity-black *@lazeefuik voice* - twitter. As if that is not enough, he is also an actor, singer and dancer with an appearance that makes it hard not to look.

Ramanda van Eyck is a youth counselor and professional model. She is willing to share her selflove-journey with the world by overwhelming us with honest reflections and flashes of beautiful images of herself. One of the other many things that she does is vlogging. Make sure to follow her on her socials and don't forget to subscribe on her channel.

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Brian Juan Pedro is well known by his acronym BRASCO. As a life coach and community builder he focuses on a holistic lifestyle by coaching the youth, but also the older generation. Influenced and acknowledged by the movement in the States, he is the Originator of Bartendaz NL. With his expertise he designs sustainable parks and appliances for in the park with an eye on the holistic future.

Ruminaily Winnie Alberto is living her life consciously, without a filter by being the person that she needed when she was younger. She is a pedagogical expert and has a passion for working with children. Ruminaily is the founder of a platform named ‘No Filter Moms’, where she creates a safe space for black mothers. Next to creative writing and being a social influencer, she is also the certified Make-up Artist that beats up your face with class. 

Rachel Tokromo is a programmer, producer and youth coach. She is the founder of MAMIWATA, a platform for women focused on the mind, body and soul. Rachel organises gatherings with a holistic perspective in togetherness. She shares her journey of self-discovery to inspire and uplift others. On top of this she also is an expert in bringing the right people together as a quartermaker of LOLA BAE

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Darryl Veldman is the brother that our community needs. As a counselor he uplifts the youth in Amsterdam-Southeast. His life experiences flow through his theatre pieces, comic stories and poems. Darryl’s work is full of life lessons, humor and critical reflections. He proudly shares his knowledge about the Surinamese language and always gives credits to the powerful people that influenced his life. You can also find him backstage as a tourmanager of Duexperienceband and Ronnie Flex. Make sure to follow Stimofo.

Sérènity Hanenberg is an amazing creative writer, mentor and editor. She is a fan of music and loves to write music too. Sérènity is changing her story and those of others by giving workshops and sharing her life experiences. Make sure to stay updated by following her socials and website.

Marly Niyambura is an amazing singer, songwriter, and poet. Her voice has a magical vibration that can take you to a different dimension. She carries her Kikuyu name proudly which stands for the rain, ‘if there is rain, there is life’. The same goes for all her work and positive energy, you have not lived yet if you haven’t heard her voice. She uses her voice for those who do not have a voice or platform to speak up. Make sure to subscribe on her channel.



NONA is a creative producer & director. Her drive and spirit comes from the endless love that she has for her communities. She proudly refers to the BIMS as her hometown and also works there as a trainer and mentor with the youth. NONA stands on the shoulders of her ancestors and it’s her responsibility to create for us, by us.